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Concertposterauction.com was established by Brad Kelly as a vehicle for buying and selling concert posters, music memorabilia and psychedelic art in the digital age. 


Our mission is:


-To unearth unusual and collectible concert posters, music memorabilia and original psychedelic artwork.


-To host an honest auction that brings the highest prices to our consignors and the most interesting merchandise to our buyers.


-To encourage poster collecting, especially among a new generation of music and art lovers.


-To lead the industry by example in terms of the accuracy and honesty of our descriptions, the knowledge of our staff, and the priority we place on customer service.


About Brad Kelly:


Brad spent 11 years working with Jacaeber Kastor at Psychedelic Solution Gallery in New York City.  Opened in 1986, Psychedelic Solution was one of the first establishments in the country devoted exclusively to the preservation, archiving and promotion of psychedelic art and 1960's concert posters. 


Brad has been credited in several books devoted exclusively to the subject (Art of the Fillmore, Eric King's Guide) and over the years has done consulting work for Christies, Sotheby's, the Experience Music Project, the Hard Rock Café, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and many private collectors.



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